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Business Immigration Visa of New Zealand

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New Zealand presents a series of great immigration programs which help people from all over the world to immigrate to come and live, study and travel to the ‘land of Kiwis’. The New Zealand’s immigration policy is designed to ensure that immigration improves the economic and cultural progress of the country.

The Business Immigration Visa has been premeditated for people who desire to begin a new business, place an investment or take over an existing business in the country. New Zealand’s government has designed unique business immigration visa classes that allow foreign investors and entrepreneurs to come to the country and significantly contribute to the country’s economy.

There are majorly three categories of visas offered by New Zealand’s immigration department under the business visa category. These are:

  • Investor: this category attracts and is mainly meant for business people who have capital and are willing to invest in New Zealand. It allows them to be awarded the permission of becoming permanent residents if they qualify by meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • Entrepreneur: if you are a skilled business person and you are looking forward to being self-employed by setting up your personal business in New Zealand, you have an opportunity. You are allowed to apply for a work visa in the Entrepreneur Work Visa category. This would be a perfect decision.

Applicants of Entrepreneur Work Visa are also allowed to apply for an ERV (Entrepreneur Residence Visa). However, this is only offered after they have run their business for not less than two years successfully. If they meet the extra conditions, they can receive an Entrepreneur Residence Visa after six months of successfully operating their business.

  • Employees of relocating business: this category deals with the entry of staffs of business which have relocated to New Zealand. This is majorly offered to employees who are not eligible for permanent residency under any other business category.

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