Britons Already Adjusting to Lower EU Immigration - UK Government

More Britons Employed in the UK Since Brexit VoteAlmost all new jobs created in the United Kingdom since Brexit vote in 2016 have been filled by Britons signifying an obvious adjustment on the side of businesses regarding lower European Union immigration according to the UK government.

UK Employment Minister, Alok Sharma, revealed that since the 2016 vote, the number of EU nationals joining the country's workforce had significantly fallen below 35,000.

If the number of EU nationals, 410,000, that joined the workforce two years prior to the vote is considered, businesses have every reason to be concerned as they surely were. Nationals of EU members accounted for about (50%) half of employment growth in the UK between 2014 and 2016.

Fortunately, the British people have reacted brilliantly by taking the majority of the new jobs in the country, and EU nationals are only responsible for five percent of the new jobs created.

Above one million joined the workforce

Since 2016, more than one million Britons are now in work in the UK. Minister Sharma attributed this to the number of unemployed Britons that are now employed as well as the number of people returning to work after they left on health or childcare grounds.

Sharma said this is a case of adjustment from employers in the UK. He said about nine of ten new jobs are filled by Britons since 2016 signifying that the confidence companies have to invest in job creation in the country has not been dampened. He also lauded the government for not being complacent in ensuring the proper adjustment.

He said further that the UK's pool of unemployed and returners (about 3.5 million people) would take up more jobs by the time the UK leaves EU.

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