British MP plans to implement migration system akin to Canada

British MP plans to implement migration system akin to CanadaChuka Umunna, British MP has appealed to the strategy-makers in the United Kingdom to learn from the immigration system in Canada when creating a plan for the nation’s migration system after the Brexit.

Umunna believes that “The United Kingdom can implement th migration system better  by learning from the Canadian counterparts. He states that “The Canadian communities are multi-ethnic and unified, they have witnessed momentous and quicker migration levels in the recent days.”

The prospects of the UK’s migration policy is considered as a strategic theme of argument in the referendum, in which voters decide on to quit the EU. In the course of primary deliberations about the naton’s exit from the EU — usually called as ‘Brexit’ — no clear strategy has developed concerning changes to the existing migration rules in the country.

Umunna quoted government attempts to make sure migrants are uniformly scattered across Canada as the main reason why migrants are able to settle and fit in to the society fairly swift. “For instance, provinces and cities in British Columbia have been assisted to draw up plans and unveil ‘welcoming communities’ schemes. These federally financed plans render regional government financial incentives to create and implement policies to entice immigrants to stay and work in these locations.

Umunna further stated that UK government is yet to implement a dogma similar to the one implemented in Canada to buoy up regional dispersion of migrants. Subsequently, Umunna states that immigrants inexplicably settle in main metropolitan centres, predominantly London which, “as per the statistics given by ONS, is abode to more than a third of immigrants to the nation.”

Umunna states that the nation has a points-based migration scheme for non-European migrants, which he terms as “similar” to the system of Canada. Points-based migration scheme is usually envisioned to inspire the selection of capable migrants who are expected to stay and fit in well to the society.

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