British industry feels UK visas immediately needed to employ immigrants

Posted on: 26 Feb 2017  |   Tags: ,

UK visa The Confederation of British Industry or commonly known as the CBI has expressed an upcoming threat over the industrial and financial market of the UK as it may slow down due to a shortage of skilled employees and vacancies in the different jobs of respective fields. CBI mentioned this shortage may occur due to unenthusiastic UK people who want to entertain themselves in any particular type of jobs like caring for an elder person. It also expressed a solution for this to overcome this upcoming situation which is to issue visas for foreign people who are the best fit for jobs on urgent basis. At present foreign people are allowed into the UK for higher skilled jobs under the scheme of Tier 2 sponsorship license and the Tier 2 Visa. Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the CBI has made an appeal to the government to keep the borders open for the foreign skilled workers as they are one of the crucial parts which will help the UK to meet its high demand. She also mentioned that there are many people in the UK who are unemployed but at the same time they are not willing to take part in some areas where employment is really needed. In her statement, Fairbairn also mentioned that the UK needs many foreign workers in the construction industry as the current government has a vision for infrastructural improvement in the whole country. At this very moment, the British government is allowing visas for foreign workers in order to maintain the requirement of highly skilled workers in different sectors like financial service, based on the new Brexit immigration rule. But the CBI expressed that Brexit immigration is not appropriate to allow visas only for highly skilled workers as Britain also need lower skilled workers in different sectors of the country. While taking a 180 degree turn off what Fairbairn said, Mr. Longworth – the former head of the British Chambers of Commerce, said that there is no point of recruiting foreign workers until and unless making it clear that the British workers can’t be trained any longer and the employment rate of young generation in Britain is shameful. He said that there is a real need for skilled foreign workers for particular job roles, but there should be visa system which will allow a foreign worker if and only if he has been employed by a British company. With his statement, he clearly supports the new Brexit immigration rule which will grant a visa for foreign workers if he or she is employed by any of the UK employers.  

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