Britain mulling walking out of EU, Job vacancies bound to increase in the UK

Posted on: 09 May 2016  |   Tags: EU , immigration , UK , visa , visa news ,

uk eu A large number of EU citizens working in the UK, about three quarters, do not meet the current visa requirements. Once the new rules take effect, the rate would increase to about 81 percent, according to a research conducted. Some sectors will face a greater impact since currently in the hotels and restaurants 94 percent of EU workers are employed and they would not qualify the entry requirements, just like the 96 percent of EU workers in Britain’s farms. Contact the best immigration consultants to receive updates on amendments. The UK is likely to amend its immigration requirements If Britain leaves EU, amendments to its immigration requirements are likely. They will ease out a few the rules and allow some EU immigration. However, contact the best immigration consultants to receive updates on amendments as the EU, migrants in the country can stay and their rights will not be affected. However, if immigration from the EU is curbed, then employers would face challenges in finding staff. EU workers would not be allowed in other fields like construction, manufacturing, energy and transport if they had to comply and qualify rules that currently apply to other overseas workers. Contact the best immigration consultants to receive updates on amendments. In industries like Banking and financial sector, professional service firms, management consultants, professional cleaners, back-office workers and security guards, the employers in these sectors will suffer since sixty-six percent of their staff are EU workers. In the UK, there are more or less 2.2m EU workers, which comprise 6.6 percent of the total workforce. In the Manufacturing companies, more than 10 percent of workers are from the EU, which is a large share of the workforce as compared to any other sector. In retail, hotels and restaurants 442,000 EU citizens are employed, comprising of 8 percent of the total 5.7m workforce. In the Banking and finance sector, 360,000 workers are from the EU, which is about 6.8 percent of the total workforce. Low-paid sectors in UK hire EU migrants A significant workforce is from the EU in the low-paid sectors, like hotels and manufacturing. If amendments are made to the immigration system, and EU workers are selected based on skills, then the sectors will be hit due to the pay. If the UK goes out of the EU, then the question remains of the number of EU migrants that would enter the UK every year to sustain their economy. Contact the best immigration consultants to receive updates. The points system has been proposed to allow entry to only the most talented migrants.

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