Brexit: UK outlines NoDeal arrangements for EU Citizens

Brexit: UK outlines No Deal arrangements for EU Citizens Home Secretary had yesterday outlined provisions to make it possible for EU citizens to still come to the UK after Brexit, should there be no deal. If Brexit occurs without Britain agreeing to a deal, the government will move to put a stop to free movement and has thus introduced an immigration bill to this effect. However, the Swiss citizens, as well as the EEA nationals and their family members, are still free to go in and out of UK as they wish, just as they do presently. But, this is only for a transitional period, as for them to stay more than three months in the UK, application for permission should be made to acquire the European Temporary Leave to Remain, valid for three years. If after three years, the citizen still wishes to prolong his stay, another application should be made under the new system of Skills-based future immigration, beginning in 2021.

What’s going to happen?

According to the Home Secretary, if there is no deal when UK leaves EU, the free movement will be ended so that the UK will gain control of all its borders, which has never happened in decades. He also stated that the arrangements to still grant EU nationals free access to the UK after 29 March is not applicable to the EU citizens who are already living and working in the country presently, as these have the protection of the EU Settlement Scheme; claiming that the value placed on such individuals is high. If no deal is met, the following will happen:
  • The citizens of the European Union who come to the UK and wish to stay for more than 3 months will be subject to security, identity and criminality checks after they had applied for the European Temporary Leave before permission will be granted.
  • A family permit will need to be applied for in advance for an EU citizen’s family member who is a non-EU and wishes to accompany the EU citizen.
  • E-gates will be needed by an EU citizen when he/she uses a biometric passport to travel, though he would still be granted free access to and from the country.
  • The European Temporary Leave will be paid for, but the fee is yet to be announced. However, the leave for the first 3 months after 29 March will be free.
  • This policy is not applicable to Irish citizens who will still be granted free access into the country under the Common Travel Area.
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