Brexit Is Scaring Tech Talent Away

Jimmy Wales, co-founder, Wikipedia, warned the United Kingdom government that they are turning London into a hostile place for European technology experts. He also mentioned concern over many British companies choosing to shift staff to other cities or countries like Canada. Either that or the tech talent will move out themselves to the European Union, where highly skilled immigrants are valued and not threatened. According to a Thomson Reuters Brexit study, 31 percent of companies are already preparing to move staff from the United Kingdom, a 10 percent increase from 2017 fiscal year. Wales said that London is a very important city in the international tech industry, but he is worried about the future, Brexit, and how it will affect the city’s tech community. He is worried that if London becomes a hostile place for immigrants from European Union and outside, then that won’t be a good thing. London is a competitive city, but Berlin is more open and has a successful tech scene. In the past, London was famous because English was the language of conversation and is a financial powerhouse, but not anymore. Wales said that the magnitude of the situation is so hard that people can’t wrap their head around it. He is also skeptical about politicians not understanding the internet and social media. They try to regulate something they have no knowledge about and rather than solving an issue, and they create more. On the other hand, some issues are big and international regarding information security and identity theft. Lack of cooperation Wales is concerned about lack of cooperation between different jurisdictions in the United Kingdom. Matt Hancock, the cultural secretary, said that tech companies will face regulation claims of using 50 million Facebook users for political purposes. The depth of constitutional change will severely affect companies in the United Kingdom.

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