Brexit Chief Backs Unlimited EU Immigration

Brexit Chief Backs Unlimited EU ImmigrationShadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer's decision to lend his support to unlimited EU immigration after the UK leaves EU will most likely result in a civil war amidst labor. The Brexit chief explained that he has every reason to believe that almost everybody will support the free movement if there are jobs in the UK for EU nationals. What is required of firms in need of workers is to ensure advertisement is made locally before going for the option of getting migrants from the continent, he said. In other words, firms must advertise locally for a job that needs to be done, but if there is no one to do it in the UK, they are free to workers across the continent which he believes will be acceptable to most people. Family reunification is another reason he said could make people accept free movement. He subsequently suggests that Labour take advantage of a process called Norway-style Brexit which will impose workers free movement on the UK.

Labour’s Election Manifesto

In 2017, Labour's Election Manifesto agreed on an end to free movement once the UK leaves EU. Sir Keir was a part of this agreement - at the time, he said a change at the border would be inevitable. The Brexit chief has now changed his position totally, opting for easy movement as he is no longer content supporting Brexit-blocking motions. Despite the obvious reasons for Keirs' decision, it is also imperative for him to rethink as a free movement could make firms who are fond of making money off cheap labor to offer job packages no Brits will take hence paving the way for migrants. The sudden free movement call is a betrayal of a significant Brexit demand hence removal of the Brexit chief could be looming. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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