Boost to e-Visas by Indian Tourism Ministry

Boost to e-Visas by Indian Tourism MinistryThe ministry for travel and tourism in India is framing plans to extend the electronic visas to the foreign nationals along with Indians for the business and medical purposes. The changes are envisaged to be made under the tourist scheme. This idea would be a great step in order to ease the traveling for the foreign travelers in India.

The home Ministry of India is also looking upon the issue. They have stated that electronic visas issued for business and medical purposes  to India would be applicable for a period of thirty days. This step is looking as the crucial change for the Travel and Tourism Department of India. According to theTourism ministry, issuing of electronic visas would relax the visa hustle for the people who are looking forward to visit the south Asian countries for other purposes too.

The Ministry also dictated that the program is being encouraged as it is running successfully. The e-visa program of India is being associated with 150 countries right now. The system was initially started with only five countries and is now available in 23 airports of India.

One need to apply for the visa at least four days prior to the tourist arrival which applies for 30 days after their stay. The electronic visas can only be granted for twice a year. According to the latest reports, there were total 6,000,000 overseas visitors in India until September this year. 670,000 of them arrived with e- visas only.

This huge number points to the fact that e- visas to India would witness a sharp increase in the future as well. The ministry claims that if the e- visa facility would be offered then the business travelers are likely to increase from 50,000 to 70,000 per year in India. The same expectations are followed with the medical travelers too. Tourism officials believe that this program would be implemented soon in India.

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