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Stop Brexit And Tighten Immigration – Blair

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Blair urges government to implement immigration reforms but stay in the EU.

In a recent interview, former prime minister of Britain and dedicated Brexit opponent Mr. Tony Blair proposed that the British government should tighten its borders instead of leaving the European Union altogether.

According to him, controlling immigration is of the primary importance rather than suffering a huge economic backlash post Brexit. In a surprise revelation, Mr. Blair admitted to the less-than-desirable outcome of the open-door policy introduced by his government in 2004. Saying that this policy had indeed put the public services under a considerable stress, he further acknowledged the fact that undercut wages and difficulties with integration of conservative Muslims were at the core of the Brexit agenda.


Reiterating a report published by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, he proposed that curtailing massive inflow of European Nationals should be the primary directive. He mentioned a series of steps to be incorporated in the immigration reforms that would help the UK identify every EU citizen entering its borders from Europe. For example, his suggestions include mandatory registration by EU nationals on arrival in the UK and having a prior employment offer to be allowed to rent a house, open a bank account or be eligible for benefits. Additionally, the suggestions include imploring British businesses and Universities to prefer citizens of UK than EU migrants. His report also suggests tackling the undercutting of wages with the possibility of amending the Posted Workers Directive by the European Union. To do so with the support of French President Emanuel Macron will strengthen the Uk’s position in the bespoke negotiations on this particular issue.

Claiming that the Brexit has been turned into a political issue by the Tories, he advised the Labour party to emphasize on this disclosure and act upon it.

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