Bill Gates appreciates Trudeau's effort for immigration, refugees and businessPeople across the globe are looking for the latest news about immigration. When it comes to USA and Canada, there are free movement and the European nations too except UK. Now UK is also in a new phase to implement immigration law for their country and across the rest of the world. Hope, the Brexit news is outdated as such no country can survive with their existing manpower and need multi skills from other nationals too for its economic development. Although there are free movement within European Nations, people are looking for major developed nations to implement free visa migration with the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and USA.

Bill Gates on New Immigration Reforms

In a recent Emerging Cascadia Innovation Conference, the Microsoft business giant Bill Gates expressed his interest over Canadian immigration policy. CEO Mr. Satya Nadella accompanied him and spoke about his ventures with Canadian Universities and job opportunities in IT sector. According to their speech, Canada is one of the most preferred nation, when it comes to education, health and employment opportunity. Canada can be held as a melting pot, creating a suitable environment for people of different origins and businesses to sustain together.

Satya Nadella believes that the human resource can make a crucial impact with respect to the future of Microsoft. Canadian government has earlier hustled the migration procedure  by excepting Microsoft from having its overseas workforces complete labor market impact assessments.

What is New in Immigration Reform Today?

Canada has given priority for the new corridor with USA. However, with the present scenario of election in USA, the hope for new immigration law is the expectation of the US nationals. There will be a positive impact of immigration with respect to free visa policy. The immigration reform is an ongoing process.

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