Beware of Fraud Canadian Overseas Immigration Companies

Posted on: 07 Mar 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

You might be wondering how to spot a fraudulent Canadian overseas immigration company, aren’t you? Well, there’s only one way to know. If the company asks you money for finding employment, it is a fake one, and it is time to inform people from stopping people going there. People are showing more interest after Canada announced that it will provide permanent residency to skilled immigrants who are ready to settle in the country. Let’s take the case of TK, who chose not to be named. He was asked to pay $60,000 for getting employment in Canada. TK is from Jamaica and approved a Canadian overseas company having an office in Manchester, Jamaica. He submitted everything required starting from passport copies, police clearance, and other proofs. The official told TK to come to Christiana to catch a bus to Kingston on February 28, where they will prepare him for going to Canada. Unfortunately, neither did the bus show up nor did that person. After he looked into the company records, he found that they don’t exist and he was looted along with many other innocent people like TK.

Against Canadian law

With increasing popularity of the Express Entry system, many companies have erupted all across the globe. Some of these companies take extra money to help make the Express Entry profile and find a job, while some take the money and flee. However, it completely legal to take fees for applying for Labour Market Impact Assessment, the Canadian law doesn’t allow any agency to take money to help immigrants find work. If you are looking for a job in Canada from some other country, always speak to an authorized Canadian official. Visit the embassy or consulate near you and get a list of expenses that you will have to undertake for getting a job. It happens in all fairness, and if the employer needs your talent, they will do everything to bring you to Canada.

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