Best Way in Canada to get Work Visa and Permanent Residency

Posted on: 09 Jan 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

With an excellent education system in place and a bright and promising future, Canada is an ideal choice for every international student. In the last week of 2017, Canada Visa launched a revised version of Study Hub. It is a special online platform designed for prospective students, current students, and fresh graduates to get the work permit and permanent residency in the country. Kara Crudo, an attorney who works with Campbell Cohen law firm, said that Canada wants to create a community of highly talented, skilled, and creative individuals who can easily immigrate to Canada and make the most out of their time available. The attorney works with international students to help file immigration applications. Study Hub also hosts a monthly scholarship - Canada Visa Scholarship Contest. The winner gets a prize of CAD 500. If you belong to any of those categories, joining Study Hub is a wise decision. The portal keeps you updated with all student, job, and immigrant-related news. It helps you understand the study permit application process, and you can also track the status of your application there. Also, you can apply for a work permit through the portal and helps you create your way to permanent residency. If you are confused by this process and want to know more about your immigration options, Study Hub is the best. Studying your path to permanent residency in Canada Getting permanent residency is the easiest in Canada, especially after it has opened several programs to fasten the process. Some of these programs are Express Entry system that invites you to apply for permanent residency if you are eligible for it based on a comprehensive points system. Students get an above age because the time they spent studying considered as time spent in Canada to acquire permanent residency. Your chances are brighter if you go to Canada for post-secondary or postgraduate education.

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