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Key Immigration Policy to Be Reversed By US

in USA Immigration by

Key Immigration Policy to Be Reversed By USA controversial US policy that necessitated that all adults residing with migrant children’s sponsors go through an extensive background check is to be reversed by the current administration. The reversal of this policy will ensure the quicker release of migrant minors from government custody.

The time migrant children spend in government custody had increased since the enactment of the policy of fingerprinting all adults living with sponsors back in June, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HHS, a department that cares for children who cross the border alone, revealed this on Tuesday, 18 December. They revealed that, as of 17 December, the number of immigrant children in government-run shelters has skyrocketed to a record high of 14,700.

US And Juvenile Detention

The time migrant juveniles can use in detention is limited by United States laws; hence children are often released to adult sponsors in the US when caught making their way across the border without a parent or legal guardian. Such children in the custody of adult sponsors are after that required to fight their deportation cases at the immigration court.

In regards to an extensive background check, Assistant Secretary at Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, Lynn Johnson, said it had been discovered that the policy is not giving the protection or safety of the children any edge.

Advocates argued that a good number of children are held up in US custody as a result of the delay in fingerprint processing. They also said relatives are scared of claiming such children because information of potential sponsors is shared with Department of Homeland Security.

According to the reversal, only sponsors will be fingerprinted henceforth.

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Students Associations Tell Canada to Remove Barriers to PSW

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Students Associations Tell Canada to Remove Barriers to PSWIn a bid to improve the immigration system for international students in Canada, the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations (CASA) presented recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

In September, Canada launched a study on migration challenges and opportunities for the country in the 21st century with CASA as one of the evidence providers.

While commenting, Adam Brown, chairman of CASA board, told the study committee that the Canadian government needs to get rid of administrative and regulatory barriers that may proof stumbling blocks for students seeking jobs and residence after graduation because international students are imperative to finding solutions to skill shortages.

CASA’s recommendations

CASA proposed a few key recommendations to the committee including; a six-month window after graduation to look for employment as well as internships and work experience program participation minus an additional work permit. They also advised that rules that hinder post-secondary staff from giving immigration advice be relaxed to provide room for flexibilities.

CASA board chair argued that it takes five months, on the average, to get a job in Canada after graduation hence the need for a longer window. He explained that the current window of 90 days (three months) given for getting employment after graduation is not realistic regarding current workforce situations in the country, let alone taking into consideration the life’s complications that could happen after graduation.

Mr. Brown also added that the requirements set for post-secondary staff to get a certificate that will permit them to give immigration advice are so high that many international students are not able to get migration information on campus. He said some institutions could not meet the commitment of time and resources required for the certification.

CASA believes that if these things are adjusted, international students will give more back to the system; hence Canada will be better off.

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US to Shut Government Down Over Border Wall Funding

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US to Shut Government Down Over Border Wall FundingPresident Trump’s move to build US-Mexico border wall has been met with stiff opposition from the opposition party, Democrats, who now has the strength of number in the house.  However, Trump’s administration remains bent on getting the border wall built, whatever it takes.

On Sunday, a top aide to the government revealed that the administration is ready to do anything, including shutting down the government, in order to get the necessary funding for the wall.

A senior Adviser to the US government who has been crucial to the governments’ aggressive and controversial immigration policy, Stephen Miller, revealed on Sunday that they are prepared to do whatever they have to do to get the wall built.

In defense of the wall, Miller said the barrier is imperative to stop the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration – referring to the migrating caravans presently at Tijuana.

The administration needs the support of Democrats if the budget funding makes it as part of the broader budget on Friday. Without this, the government may be left with no option than to shut down government according to Mr. Miller.

Border Wall: Part of Trump’s Campaign

Trump stated during his presidential campaigns in 2016 that he will fix the wall with the expectation of making Mexico fund it. Unfortunately, Trump has not been able to get the funding from Mexico and has since turned to Congress to fund the wall.

Democrats’ Dauntless

After last week’s meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Democratic House and Senate leaders respectively, Trump revealed he would shut down the government if he doesn’t get the $5bn funding for the wall.

Schumer reiterated after the meeting that the government will not get his desires as far as the wall is concerned. He said they will only give not more than $1.3bn in public funds exclusively for fencing upgrades and other border security measures.

In reaction to this, Miller said Democrats will have to choose either fighting for America or to promote illegal immigration.

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Vietnamese Refugees Face Deportation with US’ Immigration Policy Change

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The United States, under the administration of President Trump, is set to push its immigration policy changes further.

Mr Trump’s aggressive move for immigration policy changes has caused a lot of controversies in the United States. In a recent development, moving forward with the changes could hold serious implications for Vietnamese refugees who have been in the country for decades. Some of these refugees could end up being deported.

Last year, attempts were made by the US government to deport some from Cambodia, Vietnam and some other Southeast Asian countries who have been in the country for a long time. The government tagged them, violent criminal aliens.

The situation faded away after some time but has now gathered pace.

The executive director of the San Jose-based Asian Law Alliance, Richard Konda, said the situation is alarming considering why the refugees came into the country in the first place – to escape prosecution.

He recalled how America spent a lot, both in cash and lives, to stem communism in south Asia after which many Vietnamese came into the US as refugees and agreement was made not to deport people that entered the country before 1995.

What Then Changed                            

According to the present administration, Vietnamese who entered the country even before the agreed year are not excluded from standard immigration law, hence can be deported

Security concerns are given as the reason for the move, and according to Konda, about 5,000 refugees now face deportation to Vietnam. He tagged the policy anti-family as it will separate families.

Immigration attorneys are doing all they can to find a way out of this. Let’s hope they can come up with something as soon as possible.

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Latest Draw Brings Express Entry Closer To Breaking ITA Record

in Canada Immigration by

Latest Draw Brings Express Entry Closer To Breaking ITA RecordThe record for invitations issued in a single year via Express Entry is about to be smashed two years in a row as the draw held on Wednesday brings invitations for the year 2018 to 85,900.

The Canadian government approved 3,900 invitations to apply (ITA) for permanent residence visa yesterday, 12 December 2018, which brought the total number of ITAs issued so far this year to a total number of 85,900. This figure is merely 123 short of last year’s record-breaking 86,023 ITAs, hence holding the possibility of another record-breaking year.

This becomes almost inevitable because express entry invitation round is held every two weeks by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), implying the possibility of another draw before the end of the year which will definitely shatter last year’s record.

This time last year, 83,237 ITAs had been issued by IRCC before a final draw held on 20 December 2017 moved the year’s total to 86,023. In the same vein, one more round is still expected for this year which will take ITA for this year above last year’s.

Getting Express Entry ITA

The Comprehensive Ranking System determines the position of candidates in the Canadian entry pool. A predetermined number of the highest ranked candidates are issued ITAs.

In the latest invitation round, ITAs were issued to all candidates who had CRS score higher than 445 and entered their profile in the pool before 28 November at 09:51:43 UTC.

The most valuable factor under the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) is a nomination from a province as this results in an extra 600 points. This is usually enough to get ITA; in 2018, required points have been as low as 440.

Other factors considered in the ranking score are education, work, age, and English or French proficiency.

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Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal Immigration

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Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal ImmigrationAn alliance of attorneys general and attorneys general-elect, led by Attorney General Mark R. Herring, are actively moving against U.S. president’s latest exertion to attack immigrants in Virginia as well as other parts of the country.

Mr. Trump’s government has proposed a significant overhaul of rules tagged “public charges” which in effect could result in easier denial of status adjustment to lawful immigrants, rejection of applications of green cards or even the removal of lawful immigrants from the US if they make use of specific nutrition, housing, or health programs. The adjustment could go as far as forcing legal immigrants to have to choose between protecting their lawful immigration status or risk losing it by accessing programs they are already eligible for, like healthcare.

The Opposition

Official comments were filed yesterday, 11 December, by Attorney General Herring and his colleagues. The comments, co-written by Attorney General of New Mexico, Hector Balderas, and AG Herring, explained why the government’s move is both unlawful and represent a bad policy that would bring Virginia and residents significant harm.

Attorney General Herring said the government’s move is a concealed effort by Mr. Trump to cut legal immigration as well as making lawful immigrants feel marginalized. He affirmed that such proposal, unlawful and ill-considered, is only possible when immigration policy is in the hands of anti-immigrant extremists. He, therefore, said they would keep working to shield all Virginians from Mr. Trump’s harmful and discriminatory policies otherwise programs that are designed to help communities will be weaponized against them, pushing lawful immigrants to the extremes of having to choose between their immigration status or their health, as an example.

The public charge rules have been operational for decades, empowering the government to prevent potential immigrants who are considered to become primary dependents on public assistance from entering the country. Mr. Trump’s proposal is tightening things even more around the public charge, which has been considered unlawful and discriminatory.

Any lawful immigrant labeled a public charge may face all sorts of problems including green card rejection, inability to adjust immigration status and in fact risk being removed from the country.

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105 Immigrants Arrested In New Jersey in Latest ICE’s Operation

in USA Immigration by
105 Immigrants Arrested In New Jersey in Latest ICE’s Operation

105 Immigrants Arrested In New Jersey in Latest ICE’s OperationA day after New Jersey’s Attorney General, Gubir Grewal, ordered law enforcement (local, county and state) to limit their level of involvement with federal immigration authorities, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) began a five-day period operation in the state and have since announced the arrest of 105 people.

Plans for the operation have been put in place before Attorney General Gubir Grewal gave his orders according to the official statement released by ICE.

Director of ICE’s Newark field office, John Tsoukaris, said ICE’s unflinching commitment to public safety in the state is highlighted by these outstanding results achieved by ICE’s officers in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. He hence emphasized that the agency will not shy away from the focus of arresting illegal aliens who are convicts of serious crimes as well as those who are considered dangerous to public safety.

Details of the Arrest

The operation was led by ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations and resulted in 105 arrests across the state. 80 percent of the total arrests involve people with prior criminal convictions or pending criminal charges according to immigration officials. The arrests include 24 in Hudson County, 14 in Monmouth County, 11 in Passaic County, 10 in Middlesex County and 6 in Essex County.

The arrests include people from Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Korea, Egypt, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador, Columbia, Philippines, Taiwan, Spain, Venezuela, Trinidad, Dominican Republic and Slovakia.

The failure of local police departments and County jails to refer criminals and gang members they come across to ICE for review leaves the agency with no option than to conduct additional enforcement operations via which they can make arrests for immigration violations according to a statement released by the agency.

Sequel to the arrests, ICE has been tagged a rogue agency by a community organizer for Movimiento Cosecha, Carlos Rodriguez. He said it is a shame that ICE director, John Tsoukaris, is trying to destroy the trust the new AG is trying to foster between law enforcement and the immigrant community.

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Major Changes in South African Immigration Law

in South Africa Immigration by

On Thursday, 29 November, new Home Affairs Immigration regulations was released in South Africa. An immigration expert said that the latest release came as a surprise to many and it should be welcomed with applaud given the relaxation of visa regulations surrounding travelling with children it offers. She, however, cautioned that some other major changes may be brewing.

In previous regulations, tourists coming into South Africa with non-native minors must present a complete birth certificate in order to be allowed into the country. This regulation has caused major controversies in the country – it has cost South Africa a lot, in the range of R7.5 billion, as a result of lost business from blocked tourists according to a 2016 report by the DA.

Stakeholders commend the passing of the new amendment before the summer holiday lesson but are worried and curious about other major changes spoke about by the Minister of Home Affairs in September. They seek to know why the changes have not been implemented yet, considering the fact that a chief holiday season is around the corner.

Some Expected Changes

One of the expected changes is the negotiation of visa waiver agreements for ordinary passport holders with several countries including: Tunisia, Iran, Ghana, UAE, Kuwait, Cuba, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, etc. Also, South Africa is working on making visa requirements for countries such as India and China simpler.

Likewise, according to De Saude Darbandi, a new Immigration Act draft will be available for comments come March next year. New critical skills list is also to be implemented in April 2019.

The new regulation will also address some changes in Permanent Residency.

However, she is of the opinion that considering major changes expected, the time ‘wasted’ in the latest minor amendment draft could have been used to finalize long due visa/permit application.

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