Australian Working Holiday Visa Program Includes India in Its List

Australian Working Holiday Visa Program Includes India in Its List

Proposals are up to develop the Australian working holiday visa program by adding more than a dozen nations including India. Australia is preparing to include more nations in its Working Holiday Maker visa program to address the labor deficit in the Australian regional areas. Below the program, workers will be hired to the Australian regional areas, particularly farms, notified by David Coleman, Australian Immigration Minister.

The Australian working holiday visa program includes the ‘Work and Holiday Visa’ and the ‘Working Holiday Visa’. This cultural interchange program allows young travelers to experience an prolonged holiday in Australia while making money by short-term employment.

Australian Government Plans on Working Holiday Visa

The Australian government is intending to extend the scheme by adding 13 more nations to help regional firms to find workers to work on farms. Other than India, the nations which are expected to be incorporated in the scheme are Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Fiji, Switzerland, Solomon Islands, Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Monaco, Andorra, and Mongolia.

As on March 2019, hardly 150,000 individuals work in the nation under an Australian working holiday visa program, which indicates the program has contracted significantly across the preceding five years.

Coleman witnessed that those candidates who hold Australian working holiday visa move further in the Australian regional areas related to other foreign visitors. They also spend large amounts, which support to boost the Nation's economy.

However, the appellants for the Australian working holiday visa will have to satisfy specific criteria along with a practical level of English and education qualifications at tertiary level.

Presently, there are two types of Australian working holiday visas those are Subclass 462 and Subclass 417. While the Subclass 417 visa scheme aims citizens of nations such as the UK, Germany Canada, and Sweden, the Subclass 462 visa includes nations such as China, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

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