Australia's Work Visa Program – What You Need to Know

Australia's work visa program – what you need to know

The Australian government currently offers Temporary work (skilled) visa, subclass 457 to all immigrants, especially entrepreneurs as this is likely to result in more local jobs for Australian citizens. But apart from businessmen looking to set up shop in Australia, the subclass 457 visa program is open to other categories as well. Moreover, the current visa program is set to be overhauled by the current government, bringing into sharp focus the conditions and requirements that have to be met by the applicant for this visa program.

As a result of various fake job profiles, the current government has initiated a "Honest to goodness Position" prerequisite for the work visa program. It is important that all applicants who plan on applying for 457 visa, ensure that their documentation is in order. Failure to provide valid documentation can result in your visa application being deferred or rejected altogether.


Applicants can apply for this visa provided they have a valid job offer and are sponsored by an approved business, thereby making it clear to the Australian government that it is legit. Moreover, current changes to the Immigration policy makes it harder for new entrepreneurs to apply for this visa unless they can provide sufficient proof of their business, monthly receipts, etc.

Additionally, the current administration is aware that some applicants use relatives based in Australia to get a sponsorship letter. A background check has now been made mandatory for all applicants and relative sponsorship or self-sponsorship is declared void. The immigration authorities may seek additional documentation from entrepreneurs and businesses, to ensure that the offer of sponsorship is both valid and legitimate.

Entrepreneurs may also consider applying for other visa programs, for example, GSM, Business Migration, ENS/RSMS, etc.

Transitory Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)

All applicants applying for a 457 must meet the yearly salary cap, as set by the TSMIT. All applicants must have a valid job offer with a salary or compensation that is higher than this threshold, which at the moment is set at $53,900 - the Department will look unfavorably on your application if your base pay offer is precisely $53,900 or near it. The Immigration dept may require the applicant to furnish additional proof regarding the job offer and if the compensation offered is on par with what is normally offered for the same, across Australia.

High Salary and the English Language Exemption

In addition to a compensation threshold limit, the immigration authorities are empowered to offer an English dialect exemption limit, which at present is set at $96,400.  So, if the applicants pay or compensation matches this amount, then they need not meet the English language requirements as mandated for other visa programs.

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