Australian 457 visa crackdown opposed by Tech leaders

Posted on: 12 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

457 3 Tech leaders from different Australian business start-up community said that they are not supporting the future restrictions on the 457 visa scheme initiated by the Government as it might bring several consequences for the country. Co-founder of the Atlassian, Mr Cannon-Brookes said that highly skilled foreign workers play a massive role to support the local Australian labors while Steve Baxter, known as a tech entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor expressed that applying of restrictions on the 457 visa scheme and to restrict foreign workers from coming into the Australia would definitely be a crazy move by the Australian government. Recently, Mr. Arthur Sinodinos, Federal Innovation Minister of the Australian government has organized a meeting with the Atlassian executives and other business leaders from the different corner of the country to decide the fate of the 457 visa scheme. Basically, 457 visas were introduced in order to allow the Australian employers to recruit foreign workers so that they manage vacancies in different sections of highly skilled jobs. Mr. Arthur also added that in the meeting he will try to figure out how the vacancies can be filled as much as by recruiting local workers. Mr. Baxter also said that a restriction on the 457 visa scheme will create a high risk for the start-up companies in the Australia and apart from this he also added that enough number of people are graduating from universities of the country to fulfil the actual need of different types of roles in the job market and start-up companies need to recruit foreign skilled workers. In continuation of his statement, Mr. Baxter said that 457 visa scheme restrictions are going to be a lunatic move while knowing that it will seriously damage the start-up companies. In the later part of his statement, he added that if the government is planning to restrict 457 visas for skilled and experienced foreign tech workers in order to make the job market more suitable for the local people than why they aren’t trying to seize the momentum of recruiting foreign workers at least once. While in a recent interview, Mr. Brookers said that the reputation and success of Atlassian are dependable of the foreign workers as one-fourth of their employees are from foreign countries and also under the 457 visa scheme. He also mentioned that the Australia is facing problem for unavailability of local skilled workers as a result tech companies are recruiting foreign works.

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