Australia Set to Kick Start New Point System in NovemberSingle Australian-visa hopefuls are looking forward to the changes in the country's point system as they will earn extra points when the change becomes effective later in the year. Earlier this year, April, the federal government of Australia announced three new visas in a bid to aid regional Australia; among other changes, the new point system will see both single applicants and applicants with skilled spouses earn additional ten points according to Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs states. The changes that are expected to be effective in mid-November have sparked strong reactions from many single visa hopefuls who have decided to wait till November before they apply in order to get the 10 points. A particular Vijay Kumar said everything he needs towards his application for Australian Permanent Residency visa is on the ground but is looking to increase his score by getting the additional 10 points for singles if he waits to make his application in November.

Skilled Migrants

Australia's new point system is targeted at bringing more skilled migrants into Australia, many immigration experts said. They said the system will discourage immigration of unskilled partners along with married skilled migrants. In the detailed explanation, Immigration experts said skilled migrants have had to make do with lesser spaces as a result of more spaces taken by married invitees coming in with non-skilled migrants, including children. The changes are in response to Australia Productivity Commission's 2016 recommendations that the points system be changed to favor primary applicants with skilled secondary applicants. The recommendations are subsequent to the discovery that secondary applicants, mostly non-skilled, are almost half of Australia's permanent skill intake. The changes have seen many singles delay their application as well as many others delaying their marriage in order to get the extra points. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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