Australia Prime Minister Promises to Cap Refugee Numbers

Australia Set to Cap Number of Migrants AnnuallyAs Australia's general election draws closer, immigration and refugees matters are prominent issues, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison is looking to leverage on the issues as he seeks reelection by promising that the country should expect a crackdown on who enters its borders if he is reelected.

The number of migrants that would be allowed to enter Australia as refugees will now be capped at 18,750 per year, Morrison said in a speech on April 29. He also gave an account of who will be allowed into the country as he geared up for May 18 general elections.

The issues now faced in Australia largest cities - Sydney and Melbourne - are the reasons immigration is a hot topic again in the country. Populations of both Sydney (about 5 million) and Melbourne (about 4.8 million) have almost doubled within the last decade which has led to overstretching of the amenities in the cities. Hence, the government is looking to reduce entrance as well as ensure settlements are made in regions that have community support.

Built on Immigration

According to an expert, immigration has always been a matter of controversy in Australia. Immigrants are always blamed for whatever issues the country face, he said.

He said many people in the country fail to see that Australia is built on and has been greatly enriched by immigration, the only problem being that poor urban planning coupled with insufficient infrastructure have resulted in choking of Australia's main cities.

Calls of reduction in immigration are popular amidst Australia's political class with some arguing that working holidaymakers and students take up a large chunk of jobs in the country, besides the obvious high housing cost in the country's main cities.

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