Australia New Visa Rules Allow Farmers to Employ Foreign Skilled Workers

Australia New Visa Rules Allow Farmers to Employ Foreign Skilled WorkersThe visa rules in Australia have been modified to allow easy hiring of skilled seasonal workers abroad by farmers. The changes made to the seasonal workers' visa and working holiday maker programs have led to an update of the list of skilled occupation in the country. The new eight-year visas will also be available to sponsored artists and sports people. On Monday, David Coleman Immigration Minister said in as much as Australian workers are needed to fill the jobs in the country, foreign workers are also welcomed if Australian workers aren’t enough. This will aid the farmers to operate effectively. In addition to the 8 professions in the arts and sports sector in the list of long term skills are the tennis and footballers coaches.

Visa Requirements Made Easy

Mr. Coleman said, “The changes reflect the passion Australia has for sports and arts.” “Highly skilled professionals are needed to develop the local talents and transfer knowledge.” Also, due to the government’s struggles with a shortage of skills in regional communities, working visas will be made easily available to the anesthetists and dentists. Last week, a special visa for farm workers was requested by the agricultural sector, but Richard Colbeck the country’s Assistant Agriculture Minister said it wasn’t necessary as changes are being made already. Scott Morrison, Australia Prime Minister, had committed to an agricultural visa which is to serve for medium to long term after pushes for such had failed from Nationals who wanted its implementation before harvest time. Beginning from Monday which sets the motion for the implementation of the new visa requirement, Abroad- trained doctors who wish to work as general practitioners will be directed to the rural, remote and regional communities. The Department of Home Affairs is in collaboration with the Health bureaucrats to implement the requirements of the visa. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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