Australia does a “return to sender” with Illegal immigrants

  Australia does a _return to sender_ with Illegal immigrantsAustralia reinforced its tough border controls when illegal immigrants from South Asia, possibly Sri Lanka, were returned to their point of departure. The group of illegal immigrants arrived Australia by boat this week. They were seized mid-way between Australia and Sri Lanka close to the Cocos Islands. Their arrival breached Australia’s border security for the first time in two years, according to the latest immigration news. The 18 asylum seeker included seven children and babies; it was under the cover of darkness with vehicles positioned to obscure view, and they were sent back. The asylum seekers were made to board a charter aircraft that landed in Sri Lanka. Australia cannot send refugees back, according to the latest immigration news, under the international law, to countries wherein they may face possible harm. The screening process used by the Australian government has been criticised. In 2014, the asylum seeker boat of 157 people to arrive Australia was intercepted near Christmas Island. The passengers were transferred to the Curtin Detention Centre after they spent a month on an Australian Customs ship offshore. Australia successfully tackles the problem of migrant boats. Australia tackles the issue of migrant boats and is the only country to do this successfully by saying ‘no’ to seafaring arrivals those are irregular. It monitors genuine refugees and admits them entry through an orderly points system according to the latest immigration news. The Australian government enforces a policy of returning boats before they reach Australian waters to their point of departure. In case, they fail to comply they are then removed from the vessel which are made to sink by gunfire and sent back in government-supplied lifeboats with provisions. Response to Australia's refugee policy internationally Australia refuses migrant boats illegally entering the waters, according to the latest immigration news. The country’s policy towards asylum-seekers arriving by sea is different. They are placed offshore on two islands in detention facilities, and their asylum claims are processed while keeping them there. On an average asylum seeker spend a year as it sets no bail, and there is no time limit to their stay in camps. There have been several cases of self harm in an act of desperation, according to the latest immigration news. The self-harm controversy is proof enough that Australian immigration detention centres are inhumane. Australia is increasingly becoming a country where the asylum seekers policy reflects intolerable cruelty. Australia’s refugee policy has been tested time and again the way a country maintains balance between those evicted and it’s right to allow entry and seek asylum.

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