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Australia acting fast on immigration reforms – bars entry to ‘threats’

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Australia is on a war-footing against immigration of ‘undesirables’. Officials barring entry of suspicious individuals at major transit airports.

In its crusade against unwanted immigration, Australia has now adopted a new policy. The Australian Border Force Airline Liaison Officers have been posted at various entry points in selected transit airports. According to the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, these chaps are hard at work in shoving off undesirable elements ‘beyond Australia’s borders’.

Criminals, terrorists, drug smugglers, and pedophiles are being ‘stopped’ at these entry points and prevented from boarding flights to Australia. Calling this policy an ‘Australian model’, Dutton said that it is an efficient way of weeding out the troublemakers from legitimate travelers. It is quite different from the bureaucratic procedure adopted by other countries, which allow these people to land and then assess the individuals.

The officers, according to Dutton try their best to identify the threats and stop them from getting on planes because they have foreign fighters arriving from Southeast Asia. A similar approach has been undertaken by the officials at ports. The unauthorized naval vessels are being sent back to their ports of origin. The vessels which can not return are being redirected to camps in the South Pacific for prolonged detention.


These actions should by no means come as a surprise though. The Australian government has already declared its stance on a complete overhaul of the immigration policy. In addition to stringent scrutiny of legitimate arrivals, it has clamped down hard on citizenship grants by considering a probationary period.

Conservatives may be having a field day over liberals as parties like One Nation gather more public support than the ruling party. Not just in Australia, but incidents and policy changes like these are being resonated across the US, UK and even some European countries. Should this continue, the coming years are going to be very hard on anyone wishing for a better life in a developed country.

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