Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal Immigration

Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal ImmigrationAn alliance of attorneys general and attorneys general-elect, led by Attorney General Mark R. Herring, are actively moving against U.S. president’s latest exertion to attack immigrants in Virginia as well as other parts of the country. Mr. Trump’s government has proposed a significant overhaul of rules tagged “public charges” which in effect could result in easier denial of status adjustment to lawful immigrants, rejection of applications of green cards or even the removal of lawful immigrants from the US if they make use of specific nutrition, housing, or health programs. The adjustment could go as far as forcing legal immigrants to have to choose between protecting their lawful immigration status or risk losing it by accessing programs they are already eligible for, like healthcare.

The Opposition

Official comments were filed yesterday, 11 December, by Attorney General Herring and his colleagues. The comments, co-written by Attorney General of New Mexico, Hector Balderas, and AG Herring, explained why the government’s move is both unlawful and represent a bad policy that would bring Virginia and residents significant harm. Attorney General Herring said the government’s move is a concealed effort by Mr. Trump to cut legal immigration as well as making lawful immigrants feel marginalized. He affirmed that such proposal, unlawful and ill-considered, is only possible when immigration policy is in the hands of anti-immigrant extremists. He, therefore, said they would keep working to shield all Virginians from Mr. Trump’s harmful and discriminatory policies otherwise programs that are designed to help communities will be weaponized against them, pushing lawful immigrants to the extremes of having to choose between their immigration status or their health, as an example. The public charge rules have been operational for decades, empowering the government to prevent potential immigrants who are considered to become primary dependents on public assistance from entering the country. Mr. Trump’s proposal is tightening things even more around the public charge, which has been considered unlawful and discriminatory. Any lawful immigrant labeled a public charge may face all sorts of problems including green card rejection, inability to adjust immigration status and in fact risk being removed from the country. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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