Annual Immigration and citizen workshop

Posted on: 08 Oct 2016  |   Tags: immigration in usa ,

Located at 20000 Kingwood Drive, Lone Star College Kingwood is hosting their eighth annual Immigration and Citizen Workshop this year. The workshop, set to be conducted on Saturday, 8th October 2016, aims at making the U.S. citizenship process smooth sailing for legal permanent residents. The forum is conducted every year since 2008, and is now a highly awaited event. Lone Star College teams up with the City of Houston's Office of International Communities, the Neighbourhood Centers Incorporated, the Department of Neighbourhoods and the Appointed Officials Education Fund each year for the workshop. Highlighted benefits of the workshop include the presence of attorneys for one on one legal advice, information on what a citizenship is and how U.S. citizenship can be helpful, and even presence of volunteers to aid in the process of form filling. Along with this, permanent Mexican residents will have the opportunity of receiving a $680 subsidy from the Office of State of Mexico. To encash on the services and complete the process of attaining U.S. citizenship without a hitch, the applicant must have a 5 year resident permit or a 3 year permit if he/she is married to a U.S. citizen. The applicants are also requested to carry the following: their green card, social security card, passport(s), children's names, birthday, residential card and address, job and address history for the past 5 years, criminal history, divorce history, selective number if he/she is in between the ages of 18 to 26, and International travel history for the past 5 years. Legal attorneys will be available for one on one interaction on a first come first serve basis for 75 applicants. All advice, services, guidance and study materials will be provided for free. To be conducted from 10am to 12pm on 8th October, the workshop is a must for anyone wishing to be a legal U.S. citizen, but unsure of how to proceed to do so.

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