Amendments in TFWPRecently, government of Canada has recommended certain changes in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that can turn into a law soon and could prove to be helpful for migrants. The proposed amendments is considered as a blessing for the business fraternity started demanding for a less administrative procedure which would help to ramp up the industrial sector. “The committee had made good recommendations, which includes setting the limit on the count of short-term overseas employees per industry, steps like establishing a System for trusted employers, taking measures to line up with the impermanent and permanent migration systems with companies ”, quoted Richard Truscott, VP of Alberta and British Columbia formed for this

For Employers in Canada, a Labor Market Impact Assessment has been set up which is swifter and more effective. Furthermore, exemption from LIMA process and prerequisite to propose transition strategies for competent and efficient workforces has been provided to smoothen the process. In this topic, Truscott spotted that its no logic for firms to bring foreign workers to the country, train them, orientate them into business & then past 4 years, we move them out of the country. Also a notable feature of this draft is localized data analysis of unemployment statistics with reference to low salary positions in locations with a 6% or greater levels unemployment.”

The facilities to foreign workers in Canada include permanent residence for all such workers, abolish cumulative duration rule and extension of work permit durations of caregivers were expressed in draft. There is also talks on multiple work visas during seasonal work. On this topic, Syed Hussain, Toronto-based Migrant Workers Alliance for Change’s Coordinator, conveyed concern regarding the approval of this law that lacks permanent immigration status. Mark Olsen, Manager of the Union’s Regional office also quoted “Companies should have to pay whatever the going rate is for construction otherwise not many Canadians will apply for posts.”

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