Acquiring Permanent Residency will be Easier for Immigrants in Canada

Acquiring Permanent Residency will be Easier for Immigrants in CanadaThe processing of electronic visas will be modified in order to make it easier for the immigrants to acquire permanent residency for those who study or work in Canada. The modifications will start from the Express Entry Program which awards points on the basis of age, education, linguistic ability and work experience. The applicants then will be categorized according to their suitability for employers in Canada. It was made effective from November 2016. According to The Globe and Mail, it will be easier for foreign students and talents to get permanent residency of Canada from now on. It can be inferred that these changes reflects upon the intention of government to invite more and more skilled workers in Canada. The changes in Express Entry System means that foreign workers in Canada under LMIA who wish to live here forever do not need points for LMIA under Express Entry Scheme of jobs. Moreover, those workers having job in Canada under North America Agreement and Intra Company Transfer for minimum two years can easily apply for permanent residency in Canada. However, the points needed in Express Entry System have been decreased drastically. Where 600 points were required for jobs backed by LMIA earlier, it is only 200 points required for the same after November amendment. It will prove to be a great benefit for those who are looking for a permanent residency in Canada. Mr. John McCallum, Immigration Minister of Canada has said that it is one of the key steps taken to improve the economy of Canada through foreign talents. According to CEO of Wattapad, Allen Lau it was much needed for tech sector as native talents of Canada are not meeting the demand of work. Mr. Allen Lau pondered upon the importance of competing with the global talents which can boost the high spirit of Canadian industries to work even harder.  

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