57% of UK Tier 2 visas issued to Indians last year

Posted on: 01 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

  Tier-2-visa-immigration According to the latest report published by the UK visa authorities, Indian people have held almost 60% of the Tier 2 Skilled worker visas approved by the UK government up to last September 2016. This report was issued by the UK government on 23rd February 2017. A British employer needs to have both the Certificates of Sponsorship and Tier 2 Sponsorship License in order to employ a foreign worker on Tier 2 visas. Quarterly migration reports also showed that exactly 53,575 visa applicants were approved among the 93,244 applicants who have applied for a Tier 2 visa and all of the approved visas went to the foreign Indian workers. The report also stated that the Indians are well ahead of other country’s people in the category of Tier 2 Skilled worker visa. USA workers are in the second position with a granted visa of 10% of the total number of approved visas. The report also pointed out that out of the Tier 2 Skilled worker visa application made by the Indians, 42% of them are sponsored by the UK-based IT sector companies and the remaining are sponsored by scientific and technical activities, professional, insurance and financial activities. The government migration report also showed that the India, USA, and Australia remain at the top 3 positions, whose citizens were approved in the most of the cases for obtaining a Tier 2 visa, while the Indian citizens also lead the biggest group of people who are currently living here for more than 5 years. In the present situation, 32% Indians from this group are approved for a permanent settlement in the UK, while 12% of the remaining are approved for a further extension to stay in the UK. According to the estimation on the immigration, the total number of immigrants was expected to reach 596,000 this year, while it was 619,000 in the earlier year according to the UK government. This immigration number was the lowest since June of 2014. Apart from these, the migration committee stated that the numbers of students from other countries like the China, India, and USA are also dropping down. Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister has vowed the crackdown on the students and EU workers who are now coming to the Britain and recent decisions from the USA president, Mr. Donald Trump is likely to create a treat for the $150 Indian IT industry based in the USA. But at the same time, the European Union has decided to support Indian citizens for accommodation despite the UK and USA are planning to put restrictions on the Indian citizens for immigration visas.

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