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4 Tips to Help You Clear Student Visa Interview Easily

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Sitting in front of a foreigner and giving one of the first interviews of your life can be scary. A 100 different emotions are going on in your body. It isn’t difficult to mess up a thing or two that might cancel your student visa. Just like the old phrase says, practice makes a man perfect. It is surely intimidating but the interview isn’t difficult. You just have to be you and you’ll sail through.

Source: GineersNow

Here are four tips to help you clear the student visa interview easily:

1. Submit your application before time

The embassy or consulate is always looking for points to give you and punctuality will surely give you many points. Be there 15 minutes before your given time during the interview as well. This shows that you are a very punctual person and get work done neatly and on time.

2. Don’t forget a single document

There’s no backup when it comes to visa interviews. Take every document mentioned on the requirement list and some more that you feel are important too. Also, get your document file ready at least 10 days before the interview, so that you don’t have to run around at the last moment.

3. Practice in front of the mirror

You would have heard it from your teachers and parents to practice speeches in front of a mirror. You get to know how you are delivering the speech and your expressions. Do that same way while preparing for the interview, but in a more conversational way. Keep in mind that way the country national greet each other formally and do the same during the interview.

4. Talk about your home country

Don’t sound fake and talk too much, but praise your country. Mention that you are coming only for educational purposes and will go back once done. Also talk about your family and how they have always supported you.

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