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4 Reasons Why the US is the Best Country to Work

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If you are planning to apply for a US work visa, you would have always wondered how it is working in the US? If you are from India, you will find the US work culture very attractive. Many people from India are moving to the US because there are excellent job opportunities and friendlier people.

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Here are four reasons why the US is the best country to work:

1. Friendly people

Americans are very friendly and always very curious. If they find an immigrant, they will instantly start talking to you because they want to know everything about it. Always smile back to them. They will always go out of their way to help you out, just like our neighbors back in India would.

2. Travel without spending too much

Only 39 percent Americans have a passport. Many Americans do not travel out of the country because it is so huge that you will need a decade to travel all places. In the US you will find anything right from snow capped mountains to sunny beaches. So when you reach there, apply for a driver’s license, buy a car, and go on road trips.

3. Meeting so many different people

The United States of America is a country of immigrants. You will meet people from all countries of the world. It is a great conversation starter and you will feel as if you have traveled to those places.

4. Food

There is an entire aisle dedicated to peanut butter spread in American supermarkets. You will at least find three aisles loaded with chocolate and candies. Anywhere you go in the US, you will find a lot of food. You don’t even need to cook at home because you can just go through drive thru and get delicious fast food.


If you are planning to take your family to the US, it is a great choice because the equality of education is impeccable.

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