30,000 Salary Limit for Foreign Workers is Destructive - NHS to the UK

Brexit could Hamper Health Services in the UKPrime Minister Theresa May's decision to set £30,000 salary limit for all nurses and staff coming to the UK is a destructive one that will see potential employees seek other opportunities elsewhere, top bosses at the National Health Service (NHS) said. Currently, executives in the UK are looking to fill about 50,000 nurse positions but are concerned about 25 percent of services at hospitals in the UK will be closed by this proposal by Mrs. May.  

Most Destructive Policy Ever

An executive of the NHS said the £30,000 limit is the most damaging policy proposal he has seen or heard of as far as NHS recruitment is concerned. He, therefore, said an immigration white paper that declares the proposal destructive will be very useful help. He said he expects social care may be even worse things because the provision of care would simply be impossible with the proposal. It is so severe and appalling that UK hospitals would be forced to close about 25 percent of the services they offer, he said. Philip Hammond and Sajid Javid also share NHS top officials' sentiments concerning the policy, particularly after Brexit. Another source emphasized the need to pay necessary attention to the policy because the problem of staff shortages cannot be solved by looking away. Anybody with a nurse qualification can live a comfortable life anywhere in the world and if the UK will lose out if it is not doing all it can to be competitive. The higher salary cap proposed by Mrs. May is to reduce the number of low-skilled workers entering the UK according to reports. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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