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3 Most Affordable Asian Countries to Live

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If you are a traveler, then here’s something that might interest you. It has now become a trend among many graduates to stay in a foreign country for a year, work, and move to another one. That way you are being productive, reaching your life goals, and also ticking things off your checklist. If you are an Indian, it is best you start with Asian countries. These countries are easier to adjust to for you and there is a large Indian community to support you.

Source: National Geographic Kids

Here are three most affordable Asian countries to live in:

1. Philippines

Philippines is a country that comprises of 7, 107 islands. This means numerous beaches, tasty seafood, and so much to travel. Also, Filipinos are the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. Living there is so cheap that you can make your own house and stay. Monthly rent costs around Rs 20,000 and your daily expenses can go as high as Rs 1800.

2. Vietnam

When you travel to Vietnam, you have to live like a local. The country has a  lot to offer but only if you act like a local. Groceries for a week are as cheap as Rs 2000 and stay costs less than Rs 8000. Your daily expenses that includes travel and food will cost you only Rs 1100. Again, you don’t really need a part-time job in Vietnam. If you are a freelancer, then there’s nothing like it.

3. Thailand

Thailand is every backpacker’s dream country. With beautiful destinations and friendly people, Thailand is one of the most affordable Asian countries. In Thailand, you don’t even need to work a 9 to 5 job. Work from home as a freelancer or do some business related to international tourism. Monthly rent in Thailand is around Rs 8000 and average daily costs are Rs 1000.

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