3 Cities Come Under Top 10 Places for Millennials to Live

Posted on: 06 Mar 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver come in the list of top 10 places for millennials to live in, proving that Canada is the best place to migrate to and settle. 110 cities around the world were evaluated during the study, and the ranking completely based on gender equality, nightlife, the openness of immigrants, and economy. Berlin, Germany’s capital, took the first place, while Montreal ranked second, followed by London, United Kingdom’s capital at third. Berlin scored the first rank because of its amazing nightlife that got 10 out 10 in the evaluation. The people are very tolerant to migrants, has a strong network of public transportation, free healthcare, and all year round festivals. Montreal took the second place because immigrant tolerance, lower cost of living, friendly LGBTQ society, and of course, festivals. London stood third for a whole lot of different reasons including a wonderful startup scene, personal freedom, access to contraception, and transportation system. Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands came forth as it scored 10 out of 10 for respect for personal freedom, gender equality, laid-back life, and festivals. Toronto ranked fifth and is the second city to make it to the top 10 for its amazing startup culture, gender equality, and fantastic community. Vancouver is right behind Toronto at number six, despite being the costliest city to live in. New York is the only American country to make it to the top 10 list at number eight.

Australian cities didn’t do well

Australia, which has always failed to attract the youth, didn't do good as no cities ranked in the top 10 list this is a big disappoint for the country like Australia. The city to rank the highest among all Australian cities is Sydney at 24, followed by Adelaide at 66. Washington DC, American capital, stood 74th in the list. Unfortunately, no Indian cities ranked in the list of 110 cities.  

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