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3 Best Universities in Canada for International Students

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The multi-cultural country of Canada is famous for its top quality education, safe and secure environment, and versatile student culture. Canada has a lot to offer for postgraduate students. The North American country’s median age is 44 years, which means its needs both skilled and unskilled labor. It is the leading country in immigration reforms and has exceptional employment opportunities.

Source: Jerusalem Post

Here are top three universities in Canada for international students:

1. McGill University

McGill University is unarguably the best university in Canada. It is a favorite among international students for its great quality education and rankings. Located in Montreal, the McGill University is has the most environment for international students. It has high employer activity, which ensures high paying jobs. Tuition fees are very low and the university also offers a lot of scholarships. Best courses to study are business and management, engineering, and finance.

2. University of British Columbia

It ranks 50th in the QS World University Rankings. This university is very popular among international students as well. Vancouver is the costliest city in the world and has really high standard of living. Despite that, there are great student accommodations and you can also work part-time to cover up the costs. Best subjects to study at the University of British Columbia are economics, engineering, and science.

3. University of Alberta

With its impeccable support services and high quality education, the University of Alberta gets over 6,500 international students every year. It is a tiny city but unlimited opportunities. The cost of living is also very low, which gives you the chance to save money and also explore around more. The weather is usually cold 10 months a year, so that might take a little adjusting to do. Best courses to study at the university are science and management.

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